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TekSmarts Inc & TekSmarts Pte Ltd is a Digital Advisory Firm that is based in Boston, MA USA and Singapore, Singapore. TekSmarts has been Selected as One of the Most Innovative Digital Advisory Firm 2019 - in Singapore and the United States of America.  

Understanding the Digital Age

We are a leading company in Understanding the tides of Technology in the New Digital Age. What we do is provide business with a Digital RoadMap, for IT Operations/Infrastructure, Media Content, Digital Marketing and a Network of Social Influencers. 

Support and Ownership

TekSmarts works directly with Start-up to SMB's business, by taking a seat at the board level. TekSmarts also has a practice of taking ownership of brands and business to help achieve stable growth, with the initiative of digital innovation and adaptation of digital technology. 

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Global Connectivity

TekSmarts has a global reach of Digital Professional, that can help develop your Digital Plan. If that plan encompasses Digital Transformation for Business Operations, Digital Marketing, Content Creation/Innovation or SEO Services. This Network ranges from the United States of America to the United Kingdom, Cyprus, France, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. TekSmarts will take clients and contracts as a Pro-Bonus capability, due to a stick vetting process. Should you be interested in working with TekSmarts, please reach out to us at Sales@TekSmarts.net


Remote Workers and Business threats.

Is your business ready for the Security Threats of Working Remote During COVID-19


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